About Us

90% of people don’t visit the about page of a website. If you have come here, I bet you are curious to know about me. Hey, this is Emily here. I created this website to offer you a huge assortment of printers. Alright, let me spill a few words about me; I am a girl who believes that everyone is unique, You see 15 mins, and I see it as five songs, No you and I are not the same.

Alright, reverting to the topic, I always have a crush on two things, food, and technology and never felt like compromising on either one. Since I have been working as an office assistant for more than five years and I got the opportunity to handle multiple brand printers in my office. So I dived deep and learned more about printers and their work. My infatuation with printers started getting huge, and finally, it turned into my love “Best printers guide.”

Best printers guide is the destination to all your printer-related queries. Usually, I research a lot before buying any product. So I thought, why not help people to choose the best one, especially printers.

My style of reviewing the products is a bit quirky. Yes, I aim to make the non-technical people more comfortable with the technical part by thoroughly explaining everything. Do you wanna know how I make a list? Well, I go through a lot of products available in the market and handpick the ten best ones and make a list.

I have also got you covered with different kinds of budgets. If breaking the bank is not a problem, check; if you don’t want to put a hole in your pocket, check; if you are a beginner, check and professional again a big check, my website has always got your back.

I really work hard to keep myself updated with the latest technology, and that’s how Best Printers Guide keeps going. Now let me know what you think about my website. Feel free to contact me if you wanna send positive feedback or any suggestions for me to improve. Cheers!