Disha Kuralkar

Disha Kuralkar hails from Daman, where she spent her formative years surrounded by nature's beauty. Her love for science and technology led her to pursue a B.Tech in Biotechnology at Nagpur University. After graduation, Disha decided to put her knowledge to practical use and began working as an Intellectual Property Management Officer. However, her passion for writing never waned. She has contributed well-researched articles for bestprintersguide. In her free time, Disha can be found scribbling down notes for her next novel or devouring the latest thriller.

How Much Electricity Does A 3D Printer Use?

There’s no round-the-clock power consumption level for any 3D printer. Different 3D printers tend to consume different amounts of electricity. There are printers with large builds that consume high power and printers with small builds that consume less power. Similarly, printers that print only at high temperatures consume high power, whereas printers that print at …

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