How Long Does a 1KG Roll of 3D Printer Filament Last?

We come across most people who are attempting 3D printing. At the same time, we were left spellbound after witnessing such dynamic prints and creations. We thought of providing our viewers with a helping hand by enlightening them about some key concepts related to printing.

While purchasing a printer is a one-time investment, the case is not the same with the filament. We often get complaints from the users about the proper use of filament and its settings as it is the initial step and the most important part of the printing process. For instance, if you are using TPU material for 3D printing, then you need to set the TPU print settings correctly to get the appropriate result.

We understand the needs of our viewers, and thus to start with this time, we thought of coming up with something basic and a must-know concept. We have already addressed how to prevent stringing 3D print that is caused by filaments and in this article, we answer the widely spread question – “How much can you print with 1kg of filament?”

How Long Does a 1KG Roll of Filament Last?

The complete usage of filament depends on various factors such as–

  • The big printing type will exhaust the filling in less time than the small printing type.
  • Flow rates – if the flow rate is more, it will lead to speedy exhaustion of the filament roll.
  • Nozzle size – bigger nozzle leads to a decrease in the number of hours, leading to quick exhaustion of filament roll.
  • Frequency of printing – if you print more frequently, then 1kg of filament will not be sufficient for a longer time.
  • Build printer volume – larger the volume, the greater the efficiency of the filament roll.

Hence the exact amount of print with 1kg filament cannot be determined, but the factors mentioned above can be considered while using the 1kg roll of filament. However, on average, you can expect to print between 90 calibration cubes to 335. This is although considered as a sufficient print amount for standard 3D printing.

How Many Things Can I Print with a 1KG Spool of Filament?

How long does a spool of filament last? Today, 3D printing has become very conventional. While we wish to create ample unique designs and prints, it is important to know the right amount of spool of filament to be used. Let’s see how much you can print with 1kg of filament to get quality prints through the appropriate filament roll.

It is noted that the amount of print depends on the size and the nature of the pieces to be printed.

Yet, with 1kg of filament roll, you can easily print pieces weighing approximately 1kg. However, there are certain ways to calculate the amount of filament to be used –

  • Direct Calculation Method
  • Estimate and compare the volume of a piece with the volume of filament
  • Use Slicer Software

How Do I Make My 3D Printer Filament Last Longer?

Find Ways to Reduce Support Material

It has been said that support material should be used to create desired prints. But if not completely avoided, we can reduce the use of the support material. There are various softwares that one can use for the same as these are created to do away with the supporting material and make the filament last long.

Reduce Unnecessary Skirts, Brims & Rafts

Skirts, Brims, and Rafts are temporary structures used in 3D printing to create efficient prints. The skirts are used to ensure the proper flow of the filament, the brims act like a support system, and the rafts are used to ensure proper adhesion.

At the same time, these play a role in the printing process. It is important to note that you should know exactly how and when to use these temporary structures to avoid wastage while you remove printing from glass or over usage of filament roll. Once you master the art, you can easily print in large quantity with a 1kg spool of filament.

Make Better Use of Infill Settings

The infill setting is directly linked with the use of a filament. The higher percentage of infill pattern does not always guarantee high strength and efficiency working with the help of slicer software, and you can change the infill settings and set them to the desired one.

Print Smaller Objects or Less Often

The same 1kg of filament can be used for a longer period if you ensure that the prints are not too large and avoid wastage. Keep in mind that many spools are wasted in printing for trials and errors, and very little is left for the final printing. Thus, it is advisable to make effective and planned use of the filament.

How Much Filament is used in 3D Printing?

How much filament does a 3D printer use? The amount of filament to be used depends on the estimated weight of the piece or design you plan to create. Having a rough idea about the piece’s size and purchasing the filament roll would be suggested accordingly. However, you should always purchase extra filament for trial tests and wastage.

How Long in (Meters/Feet) is a 1KG Roll of Filament?

1KG Roll of Filament would be approximately 110 in meters and 360 in feet.


The use of filament completely depends on the type of design you wish to create; with a small and simple design, a filament roll of 1kg can be used to create quite a large number of prints. However, it would be best to consider certain factors mentioned in the article, and then you are set to create even larger prints with bigger prints.

Make sure you tend to avoid features like skirts, brims, and rafts when not needed, as this way, you will be able to print more with the same roll. Thus, without making any additional expenditures. We hope you create many more intriguing designs economically and efficiently.