Make Cookie Cutters With 3D Printer

How To Make Cookie Cutters With 3D Printer

Oh hey! It’s the festive time!

You must’ve had your shopping lists ready, the gifts must be on the way, and you probably plan to get cozy near the bonfire while you drink your hot chocolate wrapped in the blanket and laugh at the old stories… AND COOKIES!!

From cookie making to cookie eating, the entire process is a delight, and we are here to make it even more fun for you. Since cookie cutters play a huge role in making pretty little cookies, let’s make 3D cookie cutters more interesting. Rather than just buying from the market, let’s print our own.

So, scroll through the article to learn all about how to make cookie cutters with a 3D printer!!

Materials Needed to Make Cookie Cutters

make cookie cutters with a 3d printer

Well, let’s first begin with what all we need to make a cookie cutter, so here’s a list for you,

1. Firstly, 3D printer for cookie cutters (obviously). Well, it might seem like an expensive thing, but these days they come at a pretty reasonable rate too, like around 200 USD.

2. Secondly, you would need some filament, which would be used to print the cookie cutters.

3. Thirdly, you need to let your festive creativity out, and this one will be the cheapest and the most fun one!

4. Fourth would be a cookie cutter design to print your cookie cutter. You have two choices here, either you can just go download one from the web, or you can design one yourself.

5. Fifth, for the processing of the file, you would need slicer software, so the 3D cookie cutter comes out just fine.

How to Make Cookie Cutters with a 3D Printer?

Now that you have the material required to make 3D cookie cutters let’s jump on to the steps on how to make 3D cookie cutters,

If you have your cookie-cutter design downloaded,

Convert your downloaded image into an outline/sketch using CAD software like Fusion360 and CookieCAD.

If you want to design your own cookie-cutter,

You would need software depending on the complexity of the cookie-cutter design. Firstly, if you want a basic cookie-cutter design, you can just use CookieCAD. It helps you make designs using basic shapes and importing pictures.

Now, to make a design from scratch, you can use Fusion360; for this, find an image you like that you want your cookies to look like.

Then, import that image to the software and trace the lines from the image around the object. You can use the spline tool for this; it makes your job way easier and smoother.

Now, make an outline using the O button on the keyboard, and set the size of the online to double the printer’s nozzle size.

Next would be extruding the wall and the embossing parts; with the help of the E button on the keyboard, and then you can set the size, but make sure the height of the embossing parts is lesser than the wall, so it doesn’t cut the whole cookie out.

In case there are separations in the design, make sure to join them so the cookie cutter has a proper shape and VOILA!

make cookie cutters with a 3d printer

You’re done. Your new design is ready to be printed.

Recommended Filament for 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

It is entirely up to you as to which filament to choose depending on your experience and budget, but PETG is one of the best choices in the market when it comes to something that goes well with food.

Cool Cookie Cutters Examples

Here are a few examples of cool cutters that would give you some super cute cookies to be kept on your plate:

  • Peppa pig is definitely topping the list cause kids love it
  • Snowman cannot be left behind cause it’s Christmas time!
  • Also, Rudolph, the Reindeer, with his huge red nose
  • The classic Christmas bells
  • Evergreen socks patterns
  • Spongebob is for our cartoon-loving young ones

Costs of 3D Printing for Cookie Cutters

Excluding the cost of the 3D printer, on average, if the filament costs 20 USD per kg, and it can easily make up to 40-60 cookie cutters, the average cost per cookie cutter would range merely between 30 to 50 cents.


Throughout the article, regardless if you felt that it is easy or not, you must be feeling it is pretty fun and definitely worth it, right? Also, c’mon it is a festive time. Definitely worth going the extra mile!

You can take up the suggestions from the cool cookie cutters list, or you can find one of your own, or you might just have one in your head, and that is how you ended up here.

So, do not wait for it. Just start following the steps and widen up your collection of cookie cutters so you, your family, and your friends don’t forget this festive season at all!