How To Unpause A Printer In 2 Minutes

Owning a home working space is bliss. Similarly keeping all the necessary work equipment handy at home gives another level of happiness. The printer is one such device that complements the work desk and also saves a lot of money. Printers are used to provide hard copies of soft documents from your laptop or computer. If you have a printer you will never have to go to the xerox place and spend a penny at all.

Anyhow, there will be a time when your printer will start causing trouble for you. But, with a little awareness, the problem can be tackled easily. The major problem that occurs while using a printer is frequent pauses. The reason for the pauses is not noticeable until you find it yourself. In this article, I will help you with how to unpause printers in the quickest way possible.

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Different Ways Of Unpause the Printer

How to Unpause Printer Brother?

unpause brother printer

“Brother” is a brand that manufactures high-end printers. If you already have a printer from Brother and wondering why does my printer says paused all the time? Then it’s time you fix it yourself. To help fix this issue I have provided some useful steps which you can trust and follow.

Step1: Keep the Brother printer on.
Step 2: Check for the message on the LCD if it shows Paper jammed or Empty ink.
Step 3: Now plug the USB cord of the printer and connect it to the USB port of the CPU. When you do this, the device must be set to default. So to check its connectivity go to the Control Panel section.

This is how you unpause a printer, specifically a Brother printer. If you want to know how to unpause the Konica Minolta printer offline then continue reading the next section.

Konica Minolta Printer Paused

Konica Minolta unpause printer

Konica Minolta printers are one such printer that has minimal operating buttons and a simple user base. In the world of UX /UI, there are very few devices that can be operated without help or without reading manuals. Konica Minolta printers are one of them, even the person with zero experience in handling computers or related devices can operate these printers. Thus, they are known to be the best user-friendly printers on the market nowadays.

If your Konica Minolta printer goes offline while you are printing then there might be a connectivity problem between your device and the printer. If you want to fix Konica Minolta offline problem then follow the below steps:

Step1: Keep the printer on.
Step2: Go to the Control Panel and select the “Devices and Printers” option.
Step3: Right-click on your printer name and check for any printer documents in queue.
Step4: If the Pause Printing option has a checked mark on it, that means the printer is paused and you cannot proceed. In order to resume printing, uncheck the “Pause printing” option by clicking on it.
Step5: If this doesn’t seem to be a problem then ensure that there’s no paper jammed in the way of printing.

Note: Restarting the printer and creating new print jobs also works sometimes when your Konica printer offline mode is on.

The pauses during prints are not always because of the printer connectivity. Sometimes the problem could be your device’s operating system. In recent events, people have faced certain issues in printing while using Windows 10. Here’s the procedure on how to unpause the printer Windows 10.

Print Jobs Paused Automatically Windows 10

If your laptop or computer works on Windows 10 OS, then you can follow the steps below to fully resume printer paper.

Step1: Keep the printer on.
Step2: Go to the printer server and click on the device name or printer name you are using. Subsequently, click on the properties option and choose ‘Advanced Tab’.
Step 3: In the advanced tab select the ‘Print directly to printer’ option.
Step4: If this step does not work then: Open services.msc and select printer spooler service option. Then Select ‘General’.
Step 5: In General, change the settings from start-up to automatic.

These are the steps you can follow when the printer is paused Windows 10.

How Do I Reset The Canon Paused Printer?

Printing pause is a common problem in almost every printer. If your printer paused suddenly and you don’t know how to unpause printer Canon then, you can follow the steps below:

Step1: First, check the physical connection between the device and the printer. If it seems to be okay then continue with the next step.
Step2: Go to Start and select the Control Panel.
Step 3: Go to Devices and Printers.
Step 4: Click on the printer and see what jobs are printing.
Step5: Press Job> Job status> Select print from the drop-down list

Step 6:When you click on the drop-down list, you will see the pause/resume print jobs option

Click on the resume print jobs and click ok

Step 7: Then close the dashboard. And you are done.

How do I Unpause my HP Printer?

The most common printer used worldwide is HP. Yet, sometimes the HP printers cause problems. If you are wondering why your HP printer doesn’t print or where is the resume button on the HP printer then this is how you can fix it.

Before you go ahead with unpausing, first check for any bugs on the device, check all the physical connections between the CPU and the printer, check for empty ink or paper jam. Then go ahead with the below-given steps.

Step1: Go to the menu click Start.
Step 2: Select Control Panel.
Step 3: Click on Printers and Scanners.
Step4: Uncheck the option ‘Let Windows Manage My Default Printer’.

Note: How can you clear the HP printer queue? Set it as your manual or default printer. This will be enough to resume print out.

How to Get My Mac to Unpause My Printer?

Printers on Mac OS X consist of options like pause, resume and cancel print jobs that are in progress. That said, when you are printing a document, the printing jobs allows you to determine whether the print job has been successfully done or not. You can also unpause the print job by accessing the settings provided by the printer. So if you want to pause or unpause the printer using your Mac printer, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Click on the printer icon given the dock.

Step 2: Then select the print job that you want to resume or unpause from the list

Step 3: Now, click on the resume button in the printer job dialog box.


Pauses in printing could be a common problem and there’s nothing you have to worry about. If you know the exact procedure to fix the pause or resume the print jobs then you can do it in a few minutes.


1. What is the printer paused?

Printer paused means the printer will no longer be able to proceed with any documents for printing. You can pause it yourself by selecting the Queue Pane option from the menu. Select the job you wish to pause for the moment. Then from the Printer menu select Pause.

2. Why is the printer spooling?

A spooler is a special tool that enables the access of the printer to different users. The spooler allows users to work without waiting for the print job to finish printing.

3. Why is my HP printer paused?

How do I clear my HP printer queue? Has this question ever occurred to you? Well, this question only occurs when your printer is in trouble. Does your HP printer frequently show printer status paused? This might be an indication that your device is not completely compatible with the printer or vise-versa. There could be other reasons too which you need to take care of if you see your HP printer paused and won’t print.

The first possible reason that your HP printer is stuck on pause could be the internet connectivity. Check for your network in the Control Panel.
Another reason why your printer keeps pausing could be paper jam, printer software error, or print spooler.

These are the possible reasons why your HP printer is stuck in a queue. So, if you can work on them you can avoid such problems in the future.